Augmented Reality: The Bassline

Augmented reality is all about blurry lines. Not literally, because it can in fact assist with vision impairment by enhancing our perception. But augmented reality blurs the lines between the digital and real worlds by changing how we experience the world we live in. What's more, it's reducing the need for 'things' as interfaces, and instead making interacting with tech a much more natural process. Think of it like a layer of tech on top of the world you see: cycling with your speed at the corner of your eye, or identifying the location of those puzzle pieces you dropped all over the floor.

In action, augmented reality can enable virtual meetings, assist surgeons to see things they wouldn't normally be able to see, and, you know, make for a fun way to play Pokemon Go. It's not to be confused with virtual reality, which replaces the world we normally experience with a computer-generated world through lenses.

You don't need a wearable to experience augmented reality. It can be as simple your smartphone giving you GPS guidance in the car, because even this alters how you experience direction and exploration. But in any case, it was fun standing atop a giant pile of mulch wearing VR/AR glasses. Product placement unintentional, but we know you're watching, Google. Enjoy!

Header photo: Flickr/turkletom


Don't Stop Perceiving


It's just a wearable

But it can navigate a great big world

Big data that is visual

And can go anywhere

It ain't just a city toy

Finding insects in farming soil

Is it beneficial or a pest you'll see

To give plants good care


Google Cardboard uses NFC

To bring you augmented reality

Through your smartphone you can see the sights

They go on and on and on and on


Trainer, chasing

Up and down the boulevard

While Charizard's lurking in the night

Yeah it's a game called Pokemon Go

It encourages an active world

With people exploring in the night


Soundscapes that accompany

Fiction books with family

They can help you feel the atmosphere around you all the time

In the medical industry

AR helps with remote surgery

Putting experts right in the room to look on and on and on and on


Layers created

To assist in archaeology

Computers can make it look like old times

Translation for people

Smartphones can convert any language to

Familiar words in just a few megabytes


Don't stop perceiving

You can extend the feeling

Screenlights, real life

Don't stop perceiving

You can extend the feeling

Screenlights, real life