AV Requirements

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To get the best value from our speakers, here are some recommendations. 


We run our presentations on Powerpoint 2016, off a Microsoft Surface Book 2. We prefer to run off our own computer unless your AV team has an equivalent system, or one that’s more powerful. Our presentations are over 1GB each, and will only run off something with serious grunt and good video cards.

Our laptop uses a USB-C port. We will bring our own adapters for HDMI input. However if you have a backup converters on site this is always welcome. Please note that our presentation will not work if you are running off VGA.

For clickers, the best system is PerfectCue. If you do not have access to one of these, we will bring our own clicker.

We do not provide slides before our talks. This is because we customise every presentation depending on the audience, and we will often be making changes to the deck hours before we go on stage. If you are worried about the presentation working correctly, we are happy to arrive on site early to do a tech check and run through.


Please make sure you have a decent sound system in the venue. We prefer to run the sound through HDMI or USB-C, however we can run through a standard audio jack if necessary. If there is no audio available in the venue please let us know at least one week before event.

We prefer a double ear-loop headset (Madonna mic) for each of our presenters. If these are not available, we are happy with a wireless lapel microphone. We do not use hand-held or lectern mics, as we like to move around on stage and keep both hands free.


Our presentations have a lot of video content. We suggest a projector that’s rated over at least 4500 Lumens.

Please ensure that stage lights do not wash out the screen. The talks are highly visual, so our preference is for less lighting on speakers if required, in order to make sure the slides are emphasised.

If the event is being run by a dedicated AV team, then the laptop can be run from the AV sound desk. Please plan for a back-up laptop to be located at the AV table. Ideally, the AV tech should be on hand a minimum of one hour before the program for final rehearsal (initial check of AV equipment is best completed the previous night) and throughout the session.

If there is no dedicated AV team, then we prefer to run from a small table or lectern on stage. Please ensure that all data and audio connectors run to the table or lectern. Ideally this to be placed on the right hand side of the stage, facing the audience. Please ensure does not impede view of speaker or screen.

A carafe of water and glasses on stage would be much appreciated.