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People support our work by giving us a set amount of money for every edition of our newsletter. We give it all away to small charities, non-profits and individuals working below the radar, using science and technology to make a real difference. It’s our way of putting our money where our mouth is.

You can meet all our partners below.

You’ll also see a full list of our supporters who make this possible on the right hand side of this page.


The Glia Project

Country: Palestine

Date: September 2019

Donation: AUD8,000

We first heard about Tarek Loubani "a character straight out of a Cory Doctorow novel," via one of our favourite newsletters, Sentiers. He’s a Canadian-Palestinian doctor who runs something called The Glia Project, which provides high-quality, low-cost, 3D printed medical devices for people in Gaza. He’s the real deal, someone who is truly out on the frontlines (he was even shot during the 2018 protests). His devices are a clever way to get around the blockade; in the same way that drug manufacturers copy branded drugs and sell them for less as generics, the Glia Project makes generics of medical hardware. They also distribute the means of producing that hardware (3D printers) and train medical students and regular Gazans to print medical equipment themselves.

We're sending him and his team AUD$8,000 to be used on two projects. The funds will help them distribute stethoscopes to incoming medical students in Gaza's two medical schools. As Tarek told us, "These young doctors will start on the right foot with a high quality stethoscope, the ears of every doctor, and high quality ones so early in their careers will help fine tune their skills." The money will also provide tourniquets for ambulances and training for paramedics on how to properly use them. These tourniquets will be used on accident and war trauma victims.

Thank you to all the Patreons who made this possible. Your donations are going to save lives. Seriously. Here's a video that Tarek put together to express his gratitude.



Safe Anaesthesia Mongolia

Country: Mongolia

Date: June 2019

Donation: AUD12,500

A few years ago, we read a story about how doctors in Mongolia were improving lives through safer surgery and the use of modern anaesthesia techniques. It was written by a UK-based journalist named Jane Feinmann, and when she returned home, she decided to get directly involved. She heard about some anaesthesia machines designed by a British engineering firm. They don’t require a reliable electricity or oxygen supply, making them ideal for surgery in remote places. In particular, they help treat children recovering from burns, a “common hazard in communities where open fires are part of everyday life, and which, if untreated, can cause life-changing deformity.” Here's a quick video about how they work (with some jaw-dropping drone shots of Mongolia for good measure).

Jane put out a call to see if anyone could help, and a charity, Safe Anaesthesia Worldwide, responded by donating two of these amazing pieces of kit. With the help of colleagues and friends, Jane then set up her own fundraising group, which 12 months later purchased and dispatched two more. We figured Future Crunch might be able to help. Thanks to the generosity of our Patrons, we're sending Jane £6,500 to buy another two portable Glostavent Anaesthesia Machines, bringing the total to six.

Here are some thank you messages from Jane, and David Pescod (part of the team training Mongolian doctors).




Country: UK/France

Date: April 2019

Donation: AUD$5,800

Jangala is a charitable organisation that designs and makes Wi-Fi systems used by humanitarian organisations to provide internet access to refugees and displaced people. They started by building a network for refugees in the Calais Jungle, and are now deploying wi-fi boxes in other emergency situations around the world.

Connectivity is a basic human need - it allows people to stay in touch with friends and family, get legal advice and look for employment. We can't think of a better use of our funds. We're sending Jangala £3,000 to cover the costs of building a Big Box system which provides wi-fi and phone charging for up to 1,000 people, vetting a partner, shipping to the field and supporting it for its lifetime. 



Projeto Saúde e Alegria

Country: Brazil

Date: April 2019

Donation: AUD$4,000

Projeto Saúde e Alegria is a non-profit based in Santarém, Brazil. It works with indigenous communities and traditional populations in the region, providing training, education and support to over 30,000 people. We were introduced by our friend, Dr Mirella Gavidia, who runs a cultural exchange program with them each year bringing First Nations people in Australia to South America to meet First Nations people in the Amazon. 

We're sending them $4,000 to spend on parts and equipment for biodigesters. These will be used in a program that trains and equips remote communities to build and maintain their own biodigesters to generate heat, lighting and cooking fuel in places where grid access is difficult or non-existent.



The Akashinga

Country: Zimbabwe

Date: February 2019

Donation: AUD$4,000

The Akashinga (The Brave Ones) are a team of all-female, anti-poaching rangers in Zimbabwe, and one of the best community driven conservation models we've ever seen. Selection is exclusively available to unemployed single mothers, abandoned wives, sex workers, victims of sexual and physical abuse, wives of poachers in prison and widows and orphans. They're trained by a former Australian Navy Diver and Special Operations Sniper, and managed to arrest 80 poachers last year. 

We're sent $4,000 to the Dora Milaje to spend on technology, such as computers, phones, drones and firearms.



UPDATE! July 2019

We got an update from Damien and the rest of the team in Zimbabwe. They were really chuffed with the AUS$4,000 donation. They also included some more information about the rest of the program. Thanks to all of you (our Patreon subscribers) who made this happen. 


Hello mate, 

Thank you so much for the donations. The funds have been used to purchase a laptop, phones for data capture and recording in the field and spot trackers, which we use to monitor our positions and coordinate operations. 

All information is relayed back to the ops room where command, control, information and communications and centralised and used to deploy our resources. The contribution from your team has played a huge role in the effectiveness of these operations and to date we have made 103 arrests. 

Thank you so much mate. You are all great!! 



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Country: Cameroon

Date: November 2018

Donation: AUD$2,500

A non-profit technology training centre in Cameroon. It's the brainchild of Janet Fofang, a scientist and teacher who aims to train the future tech innovators of her country - with a particular focus on its girls. It enables young Cameroonians to learn to write code, make robots and acquire advanced computer skills. They offer training courses for adults too, and there's an after school program for teenagers who want to come down and tinker with advanced tech. 

We sent them $2,500 to spend on equipment for robotics workshops.



Alice Springs Women’s Shelter

Country: Australia

Date: July 2018

Donation: AUD$2,574

The only specialist domestic violence support service in central Australia. They do an incredible job supporting some of the most vulnerable people in the country. We sent them $2047.50 to buy a new computer, and also $526.50 to upgrade their existing computer. These two PCs now enable women and their families to get online.




Country: Nepal

Date: July 2018

Donation: AUD$3,600

We heard about two geeks in Canada, Peter Byron and Rishi Shrestha, who are part of a global open source movement called E-NABLE.

We sent them $2,400 to buy two Prusa i3 MK3 printers. Then the team flew to Kathmandu, where they set up a prosthetics fabrication workshop in a local hospital. They even put our logo on the printers! A few months later, they wrote to us to tell us about their first recipient, Khusi Shrestha. She's 7 years old, and loves the colour red. She lost her hand shortly after birth due to complications with medications. Here she is sporting a brand new red and blue Raptor Reloaded 3D printed hand, open-sourced and hot off the Future Crunch printers. 

These amazing people have continued to print prosthetic hands and arms for recipients all over the country on those machines. Check out the action on their Facebook page.




Country: Iran

Date: June 2018

Donation: AUD$3,500

Hamdam is a period tracking app with a twist: it acts as a Trojan Horse, containing a database with easy to understand language showing users how to better navigate Iran’s discriminatory legal structures with legal information oriented to empower them. Hamdam’s legal section answers questions on marriage law and how women can tackle problems with employment, education, divorce, and division of assets.

We sent them US$2,500, and they used that money to create new content about sexual health for 215,000 Iranian women. They also ran a live Instagram for their community with an expert gynecologist on International Menstruation Health Day.

Here's a little video message from Soudeh Rad, to say thank you.



Travelling Telescope

Country: Kenya

Date: March 2018

Donation: AUD$1,500

Chu and Suz are a wife-husband team that travels around Kenya showing thousands of schoolchildren their first views of the stars and planets. Thanks to the generosity of our Patreons, they were able to visit two schools with the telescope.  

The first was a school in a slum area called Mathare, where 200 students and 10 teachers saw real time images of craters, mountains and volcanic lava flows on the Moon for the first time in their lives. The next week, they did the same for another 500 kids at a school called Josu Academy. The pictures here are from a photographer who accompanied them.



Mathare Deno-IMG_7817.jpg


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