Future Crunch delivered a brilliantly positive message around futures and technology. Tane and Gus are passionate and knowledgeable, and leave their audience filled with hope for an exciting future of what is possible.

Kylie Donovan | Convener, NSW Primary Principals' Association

I was fortunate enough to attend the tech disruption elective at the Gordon Institute for Business Science, conducted by Dr. Angus Hervey, as part of fulfilling my requirements for the completion of my MBA qualification. I was blown away by the content that was discussed and, for this, I must commend Gus on the way the course was presented and conducted as well as the never-ending insights that were shared. I entered the course with a passion for all things disruptive and I left the course with a heightened need to make a difference. The course wasn't just about technology, it was presented as a story that linked bleeding edge technology to humans and what makes us unique. This is definitely a course I would recommend to anyone, irrespective of ones' background, profession or academic qualification. It has a little bit of everything for everyone.

Avesh Inderjeet | MBA Candidate, GIBS

Future Crunch's message is very positive and up beat. We all receive so much negative press about the world, society and humanity. Their theme of having an opportunistic  mindset sits really well with me as the principal of a boys' school. I loved the careful and yet thorough evidence that they put forward to build their premise that we can all look for and take opportunities that will contribute to building a better world.

Tony Duncan | Headmaster, Marist College North Shore        

I can’t image any situation where Future Crunch couldn’t apply their extensive knowledge to create an impact on anyone. Their breadth of experience and their presentation style challenged our audience to think more holistically about their place in the world, their choices and the impact that they may have in shaping the future.

Jasmin Bishop | Senior Development Officer, Monash Business School