I love that you exist. I open your email first thing in the morning and it is like opening my eyes in a world I really want to be in. You make me proud of humans and put me in awe of what we can accomplish with discipline, direction and digital communication. Your writing style is exceptionally good too and I feel like I am having a chat with my older brother (who has always been able to explain anything to me). I could go on but I won’t because the next edition is waiting for me there, plump and bulging with good vibes, in my inbox and I am keen to start my day in the best possible way!
— Jennifer Quinn, Florence, Italy
In early 2016, Future Crunch delivered a talk at an event I helped to organise. I introduced them, with no idea of what to expect. I sat wide-eyed in the audience and had my mind blown every few minutes, for a full hour. What I loved about their style was the relentless optimism and their ability to convey the sense of wonder at what science can do - the same sense of wonder that let me to become a high school science teacher in the first place.

Every time I get their newsletter, it reminds me of that state of wonder, and I get a little piece of their style in my inbox. I always find a few things that I intensely enjoy reading, which is why I’ve recommended it to other people! I’ve never been a huge fan of newsletters before, but something about this one is different. It has style, pizzaz, and personality.

Like a really good podcast.... that you read!”
— Emilie Nachtigall, Melbourne, Australia
I like that you’re not just a “feel good” newsletter, but that you write about real science and technology that is making the world a better place. I always find a couple of stories to pass on or to talk about with friends in this newsletter, and I always read it from start to finish.
— Terry Gold, Adelaide, Australia
I’m a pragmatist, living on a small tropical island, who works in Haiti in community relief and education for about 6,000 people. A science-based viewpoint is very alien there, and increasingly here in a US territory also, which I’ve found very discouraging and dispiriting - particularly since the Trump election season! Your newsletter which I always post to Facebook for a wide variety of friends to see, is heartening for me, and many of them, in a way that’s almost inexplicable to a secularist. I am very grateful.
— Mandy Thody, Virgin Islands
The only newsletter that I’ve ever recommended, and I recommend it to everyone. It’s the perfect antidote to the avalanche of negativity, misinformation and flat out bullcrap that forms the majority of our media these days. It’s also the perfect format to allow a quick skim with the links to articles giving the option of a deep dive.
— Alex Hender, Perth, Australia
It’s basically the only e-news that I read - compared with most other where I skim or just delete. It’s full of fascinating knowledge nuggets, entertaining GIFs, and a bunch of stuff I’m not smart enough to understand (but wish I was). Reading it makes me just feel... well happy and positive about the world :) Where else do you get that in your inbox? Thanks, keep up the great work!”
— Andrea Alger, Double Bay, Australia
Last newsletter on the pending major world transformation in transport to electrics was INSPIRATIONAL. Sent it to everyone I know.
— Andrew Lawson Kerr, Pune, India
I put a lot of effort into not receiving newsletters. The irate ‘WHY DID YOU SIGN ME UP TO THIS????’ message is usually from me. I use ad blockers, try hard not to leave boxes ticked, and generally delete circular emails without opening. I hate adverts. I rarely watch TV, and when I do I turn down the volume for the ads and look at my phone. So, I am not easy to reach and I have the patience of a honey badger.

But then my hubby sent me a copy of Future Crunch (bless him, he keeps trying to interest me in stuff). I actually liked it. It is such a pleasure to read stories of real progress, real things that I’d given up hope of ever happening. Thank you. Keep it up.
— Nina de Salis Young, Burton on the Wolds, United Kingdom
I love the deliberate attempts to smash some real positivity in my face. With winter I regularly despair, and winter! trump! adani! westconnex! I have been despairing more. I ‘bank’ issues of this newsletter to pull out when I really need to hear the side of the world that my brain assumes doesn’t exist. Thank you immensely.
— Leanne, Sydney, Australia
Like having my best friend writing exactly what I needed to hear, in newsletter form.
— Simon Hildebrandt, Mountain View, California
I LOVE Future Crunch, and before it was easy to share on Facebook, I regularly copied and pasted the “good news you probably didn’t hear about” section. I have forwarded it to many, and would if I could, in my most relaxed fashion, shake by the shoulders and threaten bodily harm to those not subscribing as a result. I want everyone to know about Future Crunch and all the positive things happening beneath the horrifying and heart-stopping nonsense coming out of our fake US government. And a few other so-called governments.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you for your determined and disciplined effort. There’s a lot of love in Future Crunch, and I deeply appreciate it.
— Janet Mather, Philadelphia, United States
When reading Future Crunch (is that called ‘crunching’, btw?) I usually skip right to the good news section. But I’m also a huge science fiction geek and I love GIFs, so there’s two other things in the newsletter that might make my day. Anyway, I’m always happier after I opened it than before, and there’s not a lot of emails you can say that about.
— Rin Raeuber, Berlin, Germany
I’ve been overstimulating myself since the age of 11 on the internet and I devour information much like I devour KFC. It’s fun and mostly tasty, but it has dubious nutritional value. And I’ve had a bad batch of internet info from time to time, the real nasty kind that makes it hard to get out of bed for a long few days. Your newsletter lights up my inbox. It’s healthy, it’s cool, it’s the Mum’s Sunday roast of my digital diet. You leave me feeling good, stronger and aspiring to cook up my own positive offering to the world. Thanks for your hard work and making the world a better place, one email at a time.
— Katie Westcott, Mountain View, United States
I like the newsletter because:

It only comes once a fortnight
Quality content
Y’all muthaf****s
— Steve Belki, Toronto, Canada
Love your work. Any crew who can explain quantum entanglement and get excited by Nico Stojan in the same newsletter gets lots of points in my books.
— Joel Segal, Melbourne, Australia
I LOVE Future Crunch!! I post most issues on my Facebook page. It is a beacon of hope especially to my American friends in despair over the one who should not be named. Many otherwise intelligent friends think, as my Dad would say, the world is going to hell in a handbasket. But your regular reminders of all the good things happening remind us that is not so. Thank you!!
— Susan Frykberg, Atlanta, United States
As one of the old guys over 55, white, male, baby boomer who all below that age dislike, blame and prod, it’s great to see the bright side of things. The same as we were told and we grew up with before media, and were told by mouth. A thing called face to face conversation, mostly by Mum and Dad. As I stand at my desk in an open plan office (really who’s idea was this cracker?) I want to let you know The Crunch is a great read. Just remember though - videos are great but sound travels, and the fun police are everywhere.
— Phillip Newman, Sydney, Australia
Your newletter fills my browser up with tabs, and I’m not even mad about it! No but for reals, thanks for spreading the good, for being better than mass media, for taking the time to sift through the interwebs to find the true unsung heroes. Its always a delight to find you in my inbox. From the techies to the normals, you have something for everyone, and even if I don’t know what all these sci words mean, I know they’re doing big things!

OK I’m done. Keep crushin it.
— Nora Al-Rayes, Kuwait City, Kuwait
To the dear team at Future Crunch,
I read your letters during brunch.
Your articles ensnare,
Because, wow! How you care!
Your stories give us hope, thanks a bunch.
— Libbie Forden, Callaghan, Australia
Since I subscribed to your newsletter few months ago (don’t even remember how I knew it !), I am eager to receive news that I don’t find anywhere else. I really like the way you write it, it is a real pleasure and fun moment to read it, while learning useful and interesting things. I usually share some articles on Linkedin, and even use some of your science articles for my own newsletter about digital initiatives in life sciences I write every month for my job.
— Thibaul Moulard, Paris, France
I really appreciate how you’re working on what you really believe in, that’s a rare thing nowadays. Thanks for being one of those rare newsletters that focus actively on good news and shine some light on it.
— Aarzoo Sharma, Silicon Valley, United States
The only newsletter I go looking in my junk folder for. A perspective shifting view of the world written in a refreshingly human way. I particularly enjoy the longer pieces on topics like quantum computing to electric vehicles – please keep them coming!
— Ben King, London, United Kingdom
Future Crunch has helped me de-clutter my inbox. I unsubscribed from so many other lists because the sheer contrast from its brilliance to the pile of crap one usually receives was suddenly painful.

I neglect my life when The Crunch hits my inbox. I will leave things burning on the stove, ignore any request made of me - come hell or high water I will read every word. Or, I follow my husband around the house, reading it to him aloud, whether he’s about to walk out the door or trying to fall asleep. Then I clutch my tablet to my chest, eyes all a-sparkle (the way I imagine people felt about their nightly newsreader in the 70s) and say ‘Isn’t it just great?’ until the cycle repeats itself two weeks later.

I am now that intense person at a dinner party, telling everyone how they HAVE TO get this newsletter, hustling for it like I’m paid a commission.

There is so much self-serving noise online these days, weakly disguising itself as a valuable contribution. Future Crunch feels like a gift. A hard-won, deeply intelligent, thoroughly inspiring gift to all of us. Though I’m not American, and neither are they, is this what ‘Hope and Change’ can feel like?

The lack of visibility around positive news stories is a major problem, with consequences we can all see every day - rampant cynicism and apathy. But it’s a problem Future Crunch is taking on like a boss. Reading their stuff will make you want to celebrate, to support, to take part, without a trace of irony, but with a sense of humour intact. Give yourself the gift of feeling so much better about the future.

What Future Crunch is doing is important. It’s honest and courageous, smart and entertaining. How many free newsletters out there leave you feeling sincerely inspired about the potential of the human race? If you’re not already reading it, OH MY GOD why aren’t you reading it?!?”
— Katie Gertsch, British Columbia, Canada