We were thrilled to have Future Crunch join us, and couldn’t think of a better way to immerse our people, than by having them share their insights and expert knowledge. They have an incredible way of taking audiences on a journey through the fundamentals of science and technology, and showcasing breakthroughs changing the world for the better. Compelling storytellers, they create an optimistic and exciting view of the world and future – one where you feel compelled to take part. The feedback from our teams has been incredibly positive and we can’t wait to have them back again.

Carina Parisella |Senior Manager Strategic Engagement,
ANZ Digital Banking

Gus and Tane shared their message of the wonders and power of science to shape and create a better world with thousands of accountants and bookkeepers as a part of our annual MYOB Incite roadshow. Leveraging a powerful but positive narrative, blended with moments of humour, they managed to entertain, enlighten, excite and amaze; all while keeping their story relevant and impactful to a very diverse audience. It was an absolute pleasure to work with them; and the feedback we’ve had from our clients has been extremely positive.

Tim Reed | CEO, MYOB

The content was fascinating, insightful and most importantly, thought-provoking. The audience engagement and entertaining style enabled the messages of embracing technology and keeping an open mind as the key takeaways. Thank you Future Crunch for your willingness to share your knowledge and insights with us.

Kon Costas | Managing Director, BT Select

Steven and Shasta provided a breath of fresh air with their big data insights and science-based optimism at our payments conference in Auckland. They left delegates feeling positive about the future of humanity and where society, science and technology is heading. A big thank you to the team for putting together such a slick, insightful and uplifting presentation that spoke to so many.

Steve Wiggins | CEO, Payments NZ

Recently our entire team came together to work through our key priorities as a financial business. To help shape some fresh perspectives, part of the agenda was allocated to Future Crunch. Enter Gus and Tane, fast forward 90 minutes, and our team were buzzing, asking questions and engaging in a positive and optimistic manner. Delivered with passion and focus for change, coupled with deep insight on disruptive technology and why it matters, we can highly recommend Future Crunch to your business and its people.

Todd Clifford  | Head of Client Experience, Viridian

Steven and Shasta showed off their love of science by taking the best positive science stories (that the mainstream media have largely ignored) using them to illustrate the massive leaps forward being made worldwide right now, and giving us a sneak peak at the next leaps likely to be arriving soon. Their passionate, positive and upbeat presentation serves as a great contrast to the negative, politics obsessed news stories and overwhelmingly demonstrated that we live in a time of immense creativity, opportunity and of course, scientific discovery.  We are smarter, healthier and more connected than at any time in history and getting more so at an accelerating rate. Future Crunch remind us that the world keeps changing - for the better, and that it’s a great time to be alive.

John Evans | Service Group Manager, Banking Systems, TSB

Future Crunch delivered a sensational opening keynote at the ANZ Innovate day. They provided engaging insights into an ever-changing world which enabled the team to think differently before the event kicked off. It was refreshing to see the passion, knowledge and thinking behind the team and we wouldn’t hesitate to engage them again.

Chris Donlon & Richard Busso | Innovation and Digital Engagement, ANZ