A live, guerilla-style, social science experiment.

At a festival. Under the influence. 


Video 1: The Hypothesis


Video 2: The Survey


Video 3: The Results


The Data


Want to see all the data for yourself? You can find it right here

We've got a theory... 


For young people these days, the glass always seems to be half empty. There are so many things to worry about. If it’s not the rising costs of education and ballooning student debt, then it’s the fear that robots are going to take all the jobs, or that baby boomers have screwed housing affordability forever. And yet, despite all the bad juju...


We think that young people feel more hopeful about
the future than the mass media suggests.


This year, from the 21st to the 23rd July, thousands of young people from across the country will congregate at Splendour in the Grass, to hang out, listen to some of the world's best bands, and party. We're going to be running the first ever Science Tent, and as part of the programme, we've got a sneaky plan. 


We’re going to run a live experiment  to
take the pulse of the nation's youth.


Do young people think the glass is half empty, or half full? Are they hopeful about the future? Or do they think we're all doomed? What's their take on robots? Do they think travelling to Mars is a good idea? Does listening to metal or EDM affect your outlook on life? What about drinking a six pack before lunch? 

Of course, in asking these questions we want to be as scientific as possible, so we're going to make sure it's done right. We're running regressions, correcting for bias, using advanced statistical software and getting as geeky as we can about it. 


It's a live, guerilla-style, social science experiment.
At a festival. Under the influence.