We’d like to thank Gus and Tane for accepting our offer to present at GP18 on the Gold Coast this year, and for being so open to a briefing on what we hoped to achieve. Future Crunch’s session was fantastic and their ability to not only capture the attention of over 2,000 doctors, but also speak to them on a peer to peer basis made the session an enriching and enjoyable experience for them.

Zena Burgess | CEO, Royal Australian College of General Practitioners

Future Crunch worked with us to create an inspiring, uplifting and intelligent presentation that was focused on our delegates, the influences on their decision making processes, and the opportunities that next generation technology may open up for providers across the health sector. They set the scene for our two-day conference - with many of the subsequent speakers referring back to the keynote’s theme of optimism throughout the event. We would highly recommend them as passionate, quality presenters!

Peta Marks | Professional Development Manager, Australian College of Mental Health Nurses

Gus and Tane recently delivered a 2-hour session to a group of 50 senior HR leaders from across our Australia and New Zealand business (our Global CPO was in attendance too). Our aim in booking Future Crunch was to lift up out of the day to day, explore the future, learn anew and re-energise our collective optimism. Tick, tick, tick, tick. These guys delivered in spades. Their data and insight-driven content is compelling and informative, and their method of delivery is warm and highly engaging. If you think it’s 'good to be accurate,' believe that 'human skills are the ones that really matter' and want to know how to 'burst your filter bubbles,' do yourself a favour and book Future Crunch. Cool jackets too!

Peter Godfrey | Director, Workplace, Wellbeing, Inclusion and Reward
Bupa, Australia and New Zealand

I thoroughly enjoyed Gus and Tane from Future Crunch presenting at the GP18 conference. They adapted their knowledge and expertise to an audience that was not familiar to them and demonstrated excellent skills, both individually and as a duo who worked smoothly together to produce a cohesive and engaging presentation. The talk was obviously very planned but felt quite spontaneous. Well done guys.

Dr John Buckley | GP, Brisbane

Gus and Tane delivered a keynote speech like never before. Coming into a room full of pharmacists (a notoriously tough crowd), they shocked us and left us in awe about the way technology is changing the world – not in the years to come, but in the days and weeks ahead. Working with them to pull together the content was a breeze and it was great that they tailored their presentation to be focused on what our audience wanted.

Dan Hillier | Organisational Development Manager, TerryWhite Chemmart