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The best presentation on the state of the world that I’ve seen in years.
— Molly Harris Olson | CEO, Fair Trade Australia
An incredibly optimistic and empowering message of human potential
— Antony Catalano | CEO, Domain Group
Their message about science, the need for critical thinking and the optimism we should hold is unique.
— Brett Lunn | Managing Partner, FB Rice
Their collective knowledge of current and emerging technological trends is truly inspiring.
— Antonia Mercorella | CEO, Real Estate Institute of Queensland
These guys are quick-witted, charismatic and abundantly knowledgeable.
— Tim Slattery | Executive Director, APN Property Group
An amazing ability to put the biggest global challenges in perspective and create a sense of grounded hope.
— Claire Rogers | CEO, World Vision Australia

We're part of a global movement of scientists, artists, technologists and entrepreneurs that believes science and technology are creating a world that is more peaceful, transparent and abundant. We’re determined to share that story.

We create dynamic, entertaining, mind-blowing presentations, designed to make people think differently. 

We also curate amazing stories about scientific breakthroughs and good news from every corner of the planet, and send them to thousands of people around the world via our email newsletter and social media. 

Our expertise ranges from politics, biology, mathematics and economics, to design, poetry, art and music. We use our diverse knowledge and skills to provide unexpected perspectives on the story of the human race in the 21st century.

Our mission is to foster intelligent, optimistic thinking about the future, and to empower people to contribute to it.


the next economy

the disruptive technological trends shaping the 21st century


Technology, which used to be thought of as a function to be outsourced, or a sector on its own, is now a strategic layer across all aspects of the economy. 

Global connectivity, digitisation, blockchain, artificial intelligence, intuitive computing, robotics, renewable energy, 3D printing and biotechnology. Together, they're like a roaring tornado creating once in a hundred year revolutions in every industry at once. 

Understanding what's over the horizon is essential for any organisation wishing to harness the opportunities of a rapidly changing global economy in the 21st century. 

Audiences will come away from this talk with the ability to think clearly and critically about the way technological disruption is changing the economy, a skill that's particularly relevant for leaders who wish to maintain a strategic advantage — and protect their organisations against competitors looking to do the same.

Key Outcomes

  • Have a sound understanding of concepts central to the process of technological innovation.
  • Receive the most up to date information on the current state of technological change in multiple industries.
  • Tools to harness 21st century working practices for innovation, change management and disruption.
A mind-blowing keynote presentation. We couldn’t have asked for a better opening act. Their collective knowledge of current and emerging technological trends and developments is truly inspiring.
— Antonia Mercorella | CEO, The Real Estate Institute of Queensland
Their content was fascinating, insightful and most importantly, thought-provoking. The audience engagement and entertaining style enabled the messages of embracing technology and keeping an open mind as the key takeaways.
— Kon Costas | Managing Director , BT Select
Future Crunch are fantastic, they take a complicated subject and present it in a simple but fun positive way. They had the audience captivated from start to finish. If you want a clear vision of the future, and the rapid change technology is driving, these guys are perfect.
— Daryl Buckingham | CEO, Mildura Development Corporation


the world is better than you think

the scientific breakthroughs, technologies and social changes creating a better future for the human race


New stories can help us imagine many futures, and direct our imaginations towards the futures we want. This story is about people who are making the world a better place. It's about opportunities and solutions, rather than problems and threats. It's a story that's informed by intelligent, evidence based optimism. 

Audiences will walk away from this presentation with insights into the technologies that are creating a new narrative for mankind, and the science behind them. They'll learn how our cognitive biases distort our view of the world, making us feel unnecessarily pessimistic, and preventing us from achieving our true potential. 

Participants will gain a renewed sense of hope, purpose, and commitment to problem solving, innovation and organisational change.

key outcomes

  • Gain insight into scientific and technological trends shaping the world
  • Understand cognitive biases to create a new outlook on the world we live in
  • Gain tools to find meaning and activate purpose
  • New and unusual insights into innovation and change
Future Crunch have an incredible ability to put the biggest global challenges in perspective and create a sense of grounded hope that we can make the world a better place - mobilising changemakers from wherever they start to see they can, and are, participating as world shapers.
— Claire Rogers | CEO, World Vision Australia
Hundreds of speakers have taken the stage at REMIX Summits across the globe and I have been privileged to see some incredible talks over the years. Future Crunch are part of a rarified group that stand out from the rest.
— Peter Tullin | Co-Founder, REMIX Summits
Future Crunch are dangerous. Their optimism flies in the face of lazy, nihilistic doomsday prophets that pedal sensationalist stories about how we might as well give up because the end is nigh. Go listen to them - they’ll change your life.
— Dr Ricardo Peach | Director, Vrystaat Arts Festival


the future of work

and how organisations can start adapting right now


Advancements in technology have provided a catalyst to redefine the needs of people in the workplace, and as a result, we see a move towards the gig economy, freelancing, flexibility and a greater desire for meaning and purpose in the  next economy.  

Traditional nine to five structures are being flipped upside down. While these changes present challenges, they also offer an opportunity for the workforce of the future to find a sense of renewed freedom.

Audiences will walk away from this presentation with a better understanding of how to start building a workplace that is prepared for automation, disruption and changing work patterns. Essential insights for any organisation searching for innovative thinking to effectively manage people.

Key Outcomes

  • Gain insights into key trends creating the future of work and understand how to navigate these changes
  • Tools to adapt, innovate and build businesses of tomorrow
  • Develop the tools to harness creativity, shift perception and create optimism in an organisational structure
Future Crunch are incredible commentators with a very interesting story to tell. They provided a dynamic, progressive and fascinating talk on science, technology and a balanced view of humanity’s current and progressing achievements, presenting them in an attainable, easy to understand way.
— Tim Slattery | Executive Director, APN Property Group
Future Crunch were among the best speakers I’ve ever heard – hugely knowledgeable, credible, articulate and engaging – I could have listened to them all night. An absolute bargain for an hour of fascinating insights.
— Prue Horne | HR Manager, Vantage Group
I consider the offering from Future Crunch to be outstanding. Their presentation on the important role of science, the need for critical thinking and the optimism we should hold for our future is unique and probably needs to be delivered to everyone in Australia. It was the perfect start to our professional development day. If you get the chance, go see them.
— Brett Lunn | Managing Partner, FB Rice

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Melbourne, VIC


Dr Angus Hervey

Political Economist


Angus is a political economist and a journalist specialising in the impact of disruptive technologies on society. He's one of the co-founders of Future Crunch, and former manager of Random Hacks of Kindness, a global initiative from Google, IBM, Microsoft, NASA and the World Bank to create open-source technology solutions to social challenges. He holds a PhD in Government and a Masters in International Political Economy from the London School of Economics, where he was also the Ralph Miliband Scholar from 2009 to 2012. 

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Partnerships Provocateur


Rebecca is a personal branding consultant, talent agent and speaker, who has spent more than a decade working with global business influencers and prominent entrepreneurs. She has represented professional speakers in Australia, Europe, and the US as an agent, client liaison and more recently as a branding and marketing consultant. She's a founding member of Project Gen Z, a movement of entrepreneurs inspiring young people to take action on their dreams to create social impact. Her mission is to implement entrepreneurial education in schools, universities, and youth communities across the globe.


Shasta Henry


Shasta is an entomologist and science communicator. She loves insects because they are beautiful, useful, tiny, complete, working organisms, “like holding a galaxy the size of a marble in your hand.” She's been combining her passion for invertebrates with her tour guiding skills since 2014. She is currently completing her PhD at the University of Tasmania, investigating the impact of fire on invertebrate communities in Tasmania’s Alpine Wilderness World Heritage Area. She is also a representative on the Australian Entomological Society Conservation Committee.


Tane Hunter

Big Data Scientist


Tané is a cancer researcher, bio-informatician, and science communicator. He's the other co-founder of Future Crunch, as well as data analytics startup, Lighthouse Data Science. He has worked for the Melbourne Royal Children’s Hospital diagnosing rare genetic diseases in children, holds a Masters in Bio-Informatics from the University of Mebourne, and is currently completing his PhD at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre in Melbourne, using molecular biomarkers and AI to improve treatments for people suffering from cancer. 



Musical Philosopher


Will is an MC, musician and presenter with a talent for inspiring wonder, a sense of belonging, and stewardship for a living planet. Using music, drama, humour and joy Will creates moments of magical, mythical experience that help make human stories tangible and trustworthy. He is an educational presenter and the founder of Our Planet Enterprises, producing and delivering sustainability-focused school and festival performance throughout Melbourne and Victoria.  He is also the lead singer for 8Foot Felix, a theatrical multi-genre festival band touring in Australia and overseas. 


Aerie Shore

Science Communicator

Aerie is an independent science communicator based in Melbourne. Her vigorous obsession with science germinated in California, where she studied marine and animal biology in Los Angeles and Santa Barbara. She’s an avid cephalopod enthusiast and draws upon a diverse array of careers to enrich the colourful tapestry of her scientific exploits. Past and present occupations including biology tutor, aquarium exhibit interpreter, film director, cabaret dancer, fetish model, dominatrix, accordionist, and sexuality educator, inform the engaging and interactive nature of her science communication.