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Future Crunch exceeded our expectations. We wanted something to stimulate our clients' thoughts beyond the day-to-day minutiae, and Gus and Tane delivered this in spades. They were receptive in our briefing and were willing and able to create a bespoke talk relevant to our industry. What they delivered is a unique, uplifting and inspiring vision of what our world is becoming and, more importantly, what it is possible to become. Our audience was wowed by the content, the supporting data, and the engaging and passionate way in which it was presented. I thoroughly recommend them.

Andrew Flitcroft | Managing Director, Gen Re Australia

I consider the offering from Future Crunch to be outstanding. Their presentation on the important role of science, the need for critical thinking and the optimism we should hold for our future is unique and probably needs to be delivered to everyone in Australia. Before a recent event for our attorneys, I was questioned on why we were having a scientist and an economist taking up the first 90 minutes. By the end of those 90 minutes in which everybody sat enthralled, our team was full of questions and asking for more. If you get the chance, go see them. You will be entertained, informed and feel so much better about the world and its prospects.

Brett Lunn | Managing Parner, FB Rice

Future Crunch provided an excellent opening session at the Managing Partners Forum. It was fascinating, stimulating, uplifting and affirming in equal measure.

Michael Greene | Managing Partner, Henry David York