Who are Future Crunch?


Future Crunch are a group of scientists, artists, technologists and entrepreneurs who believe that science and technology are creating a world that is more peaceful, transparent and abundant.

Founded in 2014 by political economist Dr Angus Hervey, and cancer researcher Tane Hunter, Future Crunch was born out of mission is to foster intelligent, optimistic thinking about the future, and to empower people to contribute to it. The duo started delivering uplifting, mind-blowing presentations to generate optimism and shift perceptions. Five years later, they’ve spoken on hundreds of stages in Australia and around the world, telling the story of how millions of people around the world are coming up with solutions to the big challenges of our time.

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How do we deliver our content?


Future Crunch specialises in dynamic, uplifting, visually spectacular keynote presentations. We have a number of set topics, which you can explore in detail over here. We are also able to pair these keynotes with more intimate workshops for smaller groups.

In addition to being able to present on the set topics, each facilitator has keynotes in their key area of expertise. The topics can be booked as individual keynotes and workshops, or they can be paired with complimentary topics from our range of products in order infuse your entire conference program with a dose of optimistic intelligence. We can deliver each presentation as solo keynotes, or as a duo.

With regard to the delivery we are happy to create a standard business presentation, however we are also more than happy to work with your events team to create unique and creative conference experience. This includes integrating poetry, music and theatre as a fresh innovative way to integrate both the heads and the hearts of the audiences.

At the heart of every Future Crunch presentation, is an exploration of the intersection between optimism and the creation of a more abundant and peaceful planet. You will never see the same presentation twice as we pride ourselves on ensuring the stories we tell are current, and tailored to your specific audience or industry.

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The Next Economy

A roller-coaster tour across the frontiers of technological disruption.

The Adaptability Quotient

The most important skill for the 21st century, and how to start cultivating it right now.

The World Is Not On Fire

Why we’re completely wrong about how bad things really are.

The Robot Rule of Thumb

The future of work, and how to prepare yourself for it.

The Optimism

A musical show about human progress.


Who is on
the team?


All of our facilitators have been selected based on earned expertise and lived experience in their area of influence, an alignment in values, and an ability to translate complicated information into actionable insights. We keep the facts sacred, and real world stories are at the heart of everything we do. We are science communicators, combining charisma and credibility in the delivery of compelling experiences.

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Dr Angus Hervey
Political Economist

The Next Economy | The Adaptability Quotient | The World Is Not On Fire | The Robot Rule of Thumb | The Optimism Experience

Demo: Million Dollar Round Table 2018


Shasta Henry

The World Is Not On Fire | The Next Economy

Demo: Business Blue Print 2018


Tane Hunter
Cancer Scientist

The Next Economy | The Adaptability Quotient | The World Is Not On Fire | The Robot Rule of Thumb | The Optimism Experience

Demo: Million Dollar Round Table 2018


Will Tait
Musical Philosopher
MC and Facilitator

Future Crunch MC | The Optimism Experience

Demo: Melbourne Knowledge Week 2018


Dr Steven Manos
Digital Technologist

The Next Economy | The Robot Rule of Thumb

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Melissa Neighbour
Urban Planner

The Next Economy

Demo: Business Blue Print 2018


Fee Schedule


Future Crunch donates 5% of all speaking fees to small charities around the world using science and technology to make a real difference. If you or your clients would like to profile or mention any of these charities as part of your event, please let us know and would be happy to provide you with their details.

(45-60 minutes)

2 x Co-Founders: $10,000.00 + GST

1 Co-Founder + 1 Facilitator: $7,500.00 + GST

2 x Facilitators: $6,000.00 + GST

1 x Facilitator: $5,000.00 + GST

The Optimism Experience
(60 minutes)

3 x Performers + Producer: $10,000 + GST


Half day/evening: $4,000

Full day: $8,000

Full conference: $10,000

FC Interactive
(2 hours)

Add $2,000.00 to any of the fees above