Future Crunch delivered a powerful opening keynote for the 2015 Link Festival. They set the scene by sharing both stories and current trends across politics, technology and social affairs. Their engaging keynote framed the context of how technology and innovation will shape our future. They were approachable while being rigorous and made a real impact on the attendees and were cited as one of the highlights of the event.
— Julian O'Shea | Director, Engineers Without Borders, Australia
Future Crunch provided a dynamic, stimulating, professional and witty opening to our National Conference in 2015. Through clear and articulate communication, they showcased a diversity of possible alternative futures that fully engaged and challenged the audience.

As a refreshing voice outside of our sector, they were the perfect scene setter for the a discussion about the disruptive challenges facing our globe and innovative pathways forward. Excellent and inspiring communicators, we highly recommend them. Thanks Angus and Tane.
— Marc Purcell | CEO, Australian Council for International Development

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