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How do you understand the
mindblowing advances in science and
technology that are creating the next economy?

How do you harness the power of storytelling to explain innovation, accelerate change, and deliver on the
promise of organisational transformation?

How do you translate those insights
into real world impact?






Future Crunch, in collaboration with Get Storied (San Francisco) and Deloitte Centre for the Edge (Melbourne), are hosting Story Crunch, a one day workshop for people who are interested in learning the skills required to thrive in the next economy. 

If you're looking to understand how disruptive technologies are changing the way organisations work in the 21st century, and you need to be able to tell the right stories about those changes... then this workshop is for you. 

Figure out how to avoid the hype, and isolate the signal from the noise. Gain unique insights on everything from artificial intelligence and the future of work to the sharing economy, genetics and augmented reality. 

Learn how to explain disruptive ideas in simple, memorable terms and present your work with clarity and confidence. Discover how to tell authentic stories about innovation that truly move the people in your team, your stakeholders and your customers. 


This event takes place in Melbourne on the 9th March 2017.  

The cost is $550 per person. 

software is eating the world
— Marc Andreessen
stories are data with a soul
— Brene Brown


this is a one day workshop, fully catered.




There will be coffee. We're from Melbourne. We get it.




How do you make sense of emerging opportunities on the edge of business and technology? Pete Williams, Director of Deloitte's Centre for the Edge, shares some of the key ideas and core techniques he's learned from 25 years spent at the coal face of the digital revolution.  








Technology, which used to be thought of as a sector on its own, or a function to be outsourced, is now a strategic layer across all aspects of organisation. As a result disruption is happening in every sector at once. In this session, the Future Crunch team takes you on a journey through the key disruptive technological trends that are creating the next economy. 

No bullshit, no buzzwords. Just world class research, gold-plated evidence, and killer storytelling about the extraordinary changes taking place around us. Discover what's on the frontiers of science and technology, and how it affects every aspect of the workplace in the decade ahead. 








For 10,000 years, our stories were about tradition, morals, and the status quo. Today, our stories are more often about disruption, innovation, and transformation. In this age of informational overload and attention deficit, getting your story straight requires a fresh approach. Michael Margolis, CEO of Get Storied, outlines why and how storytelling is the new black. 








Michael introduces you to a powerful 3-step framework for presenting any transformational product, service, or initiative. You'll learn how to more effectively influence and inspire without being pushy or manipulative. This is a brand new approach to storytelling for innovation, and not another hackneyed model of the Hero's Journey. 




Pete, Michael, Tane and Angus share their most effective tools to make sure your learnings have a real impact. Practical tips, resources and tools to give you a real edge, and to ensure you stay ahead of the curve. 




All work? No play? That's not how we roll. 


An amazing day! The programme was insightful, practical and pragmatic. Michael has a great way of focusing your attention on what is important to refine your story. This is an art, that he makes accessible to all. I got great insight into how story grounds us, connects us and gives us faith in the future. The man is genius.
— Anna Campbell | Chief People Officer, The Warehouse Group
While anyone who includes a quote from Carl Sagan in their presentation will get a thumbs up from me, I do consider the offering from Future Crunch to be outstanding. Their presentation on the important role of science, the need for critical thinking and the optimism we should hold for our future is unique and probably needs to be delivered to everyone in Australia. It was the perfect start to our professional development day. If you get the chance, go see them.
— Brett Lunn | Managing Partner, FB Rice
Future Crunch’s talk was the best presentation on the state of the world I have seen in years. Catch them if you can!
— Molly Harriss Olson | CEO, Fair Trade Australia
Future Crunch were among the best speakers I’ve ever heard – hugely knowledgeable, credible, articulate and engaging – I could have listened to them all night. An absolute bargain for hours of fascinating insights.
— Prue Horne | HR Manager, Vantage Group
A best-in-class story sherpa. Through coaching with Michael I’ve experienced immediate results as co-founder of a maverick venture in the music business. We quickly got the story of our value prop, and how to speak about it in an intriguing way.
— Gary W. Goldstein | Former Hollywood Film Producer, Pretty Woman


Story Crunch
08:30 - 17:00

Thursday, 9th March, 2017
Deloitte Centre for the Edge
550 Bourke Street
CBD, Melbourne, VIC

Story Crunch is happening deep in the inner city, there should be no shortage of parking, trams and trains.



Places are limited, and this workshop will sell out quickly, so secure your place and save the date.

$550 (inc. GST)

Special rates apply for groups of 5+ (get in touch)

Sydney... we'd love to host one of these in your city too!
Depending on demand, we can make it happen. Let us know if you're interested. 


Pete Williams

CEO, Deloitte Centre for the Edge

Pete is a recognized thought leader and practitioner in Innovation. He is the Chief Edge Officer at Deloitte Australia's Centre for the Edge, with a remit to explore the fringes of business and technology, the potential for business and make sense of it for business leaders. He is the former CEO of the Eclipse Group, a Deloitte subsidiary, and founded Deloitte Digital. He is also the Chairman of Deloitte’s Innovation Council. He was recently named as one of Australia’s top Digital Influences and is an Adjunct Professor at RMIT University. 

Michael Margolis

CEO, Get Storied

Michael is an educator, anthropologist, and author. As the CEO and founder of Get Storied, he leads one of the leading  firms in the world devoted to human-centered storytelling. He advises leaders at Google, Deloitte, NASA, Facebook, and Greenpeace among others. His work has been featured in Fast Company, TIME, and Inc Magazine. He speaks regularly at venues including TEDx, SXSW, and Zappos. Michael is left-handed, color-blind, and eats more chocolate than the average human. 

Tane HunteR &
Dr Angus Hervey

Co-Founders, Future Crunch

Tane is a science communicator, futurist and bioinformatician. He works with big data in the biological realm and specialises in cancer research. He is currently doing his PhD at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre in Melbourne, using molecular biomarkers to better understand, diagnose and improve treatment for people suffering from cancer. 

Angus is a political economist, writer, and a speaker on the impact of disruptive technologies on society. He is the former community manager for Random Hacks of Kindness, the longest running and largest social hackathon in Australia. He holds a PhD in Government from the London School of Economics, where he was also the Ralph Miliband Scholar between 2009 and 2012.