Future Crunch gave a thoroughly uplifting and entertaining closing keynote at our conference in Sydney. Their speaking scores were excellent and elicited such comments as: I am leaving the event feeling energetic and hopeful. A great way to conclude the event! Loved the positivity, so refreshing in this world of hyped up doom and gloom. Their talk gave our event a very strong finish and satisfied attendees.

Bill Swanton | Vice President & Distinguished Analyst, Gartner

We invited Future Crunch to come along and speak to 37 of our top talent individuals from across various business units at a recent development event. Iā€™d seen their videos but nothing could prepare us for the download of data we received. The participants remained engaged for the whole session, including asking a LOT of questions at the end. Future Crunch was ranked as the top activity/speaker for our three day development event. I hope we get to work with them again in the future.

Alex Lewis | Global Learning, Telstra

Future Crunch were speakers at the SW/TCH Festival in Sydney. In one word? Extraordinary! They were masterful storytellers, delivering superb content, had the audience captivated and had a certain gravitas on the stage seldom seen. I would unequivocally recommend them. Fantastic to work with, heaps of energy.

Mark Zawacki | Founder, 650 Labs