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The Next Economy

A rollercoaster tour across the frontiers of technological disruption

Technology used to be thought of as a function to be outsourced, or a sector on its own. Today, it’s a layer across all aspects of the economy.

Connectivity, digital disruption, artificial intelligence, intuitive computing, robotics, additive manufacturing, clean energy, electric vehicles, autonomous transport, gene-editing, bio-engineering. Each of these technologies are transformative in their own right. Together, they’re a roaring tornado creating once in a hundred year revolutions in every industry at once.

That’s why understanding what's over the horizon is essential for any organisation wishing to harness the opportunities of a rapidly changing global economy in the 21st century. Audiences will come away from this talk with the ability to think clearly and critically about the way technological disruption is changing the economy, a skill that's particularly relevant for leaders who wish to maintain a strategic advantage — and protect their organisations against competitors looking to do the same.

The World Is Not On Fire

Why we’re completely wrong about how bad things really are

By almost any measure, the world is becoming a better place. Poverty is disappearing, war deaths are falling, violence is less common, the world is becoming more tolerant, suicide is decreasing, life expectancy is increasing, literacy is on the rise, child mortality is declining. Yet most people have no idea that this is the world we are living in.

This presentation helps audiences imagine new futures, and direct their imaginations towards the futures we want. It’s a story about people who are making the world a better place. It's about opportunities and solutions, rather than problems and threats. It's a story that's informed by intelligent, evidence-based optimism. 

Audiences will learn how our cognitive biases distort our view of the world, making us feel unnecessarily pessimistic, and preventing us from achieving our true potential. And they’ll walk away with a renewed sense of hope, purpose, and commitment to problem solving, innovation and organisational change.

The Adaptability Quotient

The most important skill for the 21st century, and how to start cultivating it right now


Technological disruption requires us to learn faster than we ever had to before. Behaviours we’ve honed for decades are becoming obsolete in a few short years. Combined with a generational mindset shift in how we view the world, many are wondering how to remain relevant. What’s the key quality for success in this world of constant change? 

Future Crunch might be able to help. With trademark humour, dynamism and gold-plated research, they explore what the Harvard Business Review calls, “the new competitive advantage.” You’ve heard of IQ and EQ; this century belongs to those that are quick to read and act on signals of change. People with a high Adaptability Quotient (AQ): the ability to thrive in unpredictable environments. Instead of being really good at doing one thing, adaptive people are really good at learning how to do new things.

Drawing on the latest insights from the worlds of technology, neuroscience and management, this talk reveals why the best predictor of success is how we embrace rapid experimentation. Audiences will walk away with an understanding of what it takes to foster AQ, how to identify it in others, and how it can be a superpower for anyone looking to maintain an advantage in the next economy

The Robot Rule of Thumb

The future of work, and how to prepare yourself for it

Advancements in technology have provided a catalyst to redefine the needs of people in the workplace, and as a result, we see a move towards more flexibility and a greater desire for meaning and purpose in the next economy. While these changes present challenges, they also offer an opportunity for the workforce of the future to find a sense of renewed freedom.

In this presentation, Future Crunch explores the changing world of work, and how technological disruption is redefining the skills that matter. The machines aren’t here to take our jobs - but they will change them. And that means that counter-intuitively, it’s the human skills that really count. Audiences will walk away with a better understanding of how to start building a workplace that is prepared for automation, disruption and changing work patterns. Essential insights for any organisation searching to drive innovative ways of working in the 21st century.

The Optimism Experience

A musical show about human progress

Feeling negative about the state of the world in 2019? Is the news getting you down? Have you had enough of people arguing on your Facebook feed? The Future Crunch team might be able to help. Showcasing their infectious brand of musically inspired, intelligent optimism, this is a story about the human race you've never heard before.

Diseases are being eradicated, war is decreasing, millions are being lifted out of poverty and billions are gaining access to the greatest information resource humanity has ever known. We can control robots with our minds, use machines to translate any language, cut and paste our own DNA, and we’re taking brave new steps into space. We're just not hearing a lot about it.

We know the challenges we face. This is a musical journey into how – with boldness, creativity, and and revolutionary technologies that build on thousands of years of human ingenuity – we are rising to meet them.