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Travel Arrangements

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Due to complex travel itineraries, Future Crunch books all travel in-house.

Please contact Kim Salter ( for all travel-related enquiries.


All our flights are booked as 'flexible' in order to ensure changes without any additional expense to the client. We also ask that each facilitator is flown to and from their city of residence (see below). This is necessary when events are booked in at short lead times, potentially altering existing travel arrangements.

We are always happy to fly economy when travelling to eastern states in Australia. For western states in Australia, and for international travel, we request business class in order to ensure our speakers arrive rested, and able to perform at their full capacity. If this is an issue we are happy to have a discussion with the client.

Carbon Offsets

Please note that we charge carbon offsets for all flights. We source all carbon offsets in-house to ensure they are of the highest quality. All carbon offsets are charged as a separate item on travel invoices.

For travel in Australia, we use carbon offsets from the Forests Alive project in Tasmania, certified by Pangolin Associates. By working closely with local Tasmanian landholders, this project protects some of Tasmania’s most endangered species, such as the wedge-tailed eagle, spotted quoll, and Tasmanian devil. Farmers who own and manage native forests can choose conservation rather than logging for income diversity.

For all overseas travel, we use carbon offsets from Carbon Tanzania.

Ground Transfers

We charge a flat rate of $99 for all transfers to and from the airport for each facilitator in their home city.

For ground transfers at the destination, we prefer to use companies that offer electric vehicles as an option. We can book these in-house. However, should the client wish to book these we are happy for them to do so.


Accommodation where necessary will be booked by the client. We ask that individual rooms are reserved for each of our facilitators.


One month prior to the event we will invoice the client for the set travel amount in order to confirm flights and transfers. The invoice will be due one week before the date of travel.

Please note that Future Crunch will not travel until all travel-related invoices have been paid.

Team Locations

Dr Angus Hervey: Melbourne, Australia

Tane Hunter: Melbourne, Australia

Will Tait: Melbourne, Australia

Melissa Neighbour: Sydney, Australia

Shasta Henry: Hobart, Australia

Dr Steven Manos: Melbourne, Australia